Pledging to tackle industry’s key issues

Dawnfresh HR director Helen Muir
Dawnfresh HR director Helen Muir

Uddingston firm Dawnfresh Seafoods has pledged its support to the Courtauld Commitment 2025 in an effort to tackle key issues in the food and drink industry.

Dawnfresh has joined more than 90 other organisations, including Warburtons in Bellshill and Premier Foods in Holytown, in signing the agreement with the aim of reducing food and drink waste, greenhouse gases and the impact of water use in the supply chain.

Dawnfresh supported the previous Courtauld agreement (Courtauld 3), minimising waste within its operations and identifying new markets for material traditionally regarded as waste.

HR director Helen Muir said: “Dawnfresh is thrilled to be working in collaboration with other large organisations in our sector to drive real change for the community and the environment.

“This pledge allows us to work directly with our retail customers to tackle the rising levels of food and drink waste in the UK.

“Dawnfresh is focused on sustainability over the coming years, to ensure we can provide both our customers and consumers with the highest animal welfare and environmental standards.”