Photo sparks Lynley’s search for relations

The photo of Lynley's father Lindsay John Paton on a visit to Scotland that sparked her search.
The photo of Lynley's father Lindsay John Paton on a visit to Scotland that sparked her search.

A New Zealand woman who is researching her family tree is hoping to be connected with some of her relatives in Scotland.

Lynley Tilbury (nee Paton) is the daughter of Lindsay John Paton, known as Jack or Jackie, the New Zealand-born son of ex-pats John Bailie Paton from Denny and Christina Paton (nee Fleming) from Motherwell.

Lynley said: “My hunt for my family started several years ago when I had a photo sent to me from a cousin of dad’s, Alex Fleming, here in New Zealand.

“On the back it said the photo was of my dad when he went to Scotland after he left school and stayed for some time with his grandmother Mary Mitchell Paton (nee Baillie) who lived in Armadale.”

Mary’s husband James Paton died in 1889, just nine years after they had been married in Denny in 1880.

The couple had three children including Lynley’s grandfather John who was born the year his father died.

Lynley’s grandmother Christina’s parents James Fleming and Bethia Fleming (nee Mitchell) lived in the Daziel area of Motherwell, with Bethia being the daughter of Andrew Mitchell and Bethia Mitchell (nee Brown).

John’s siblings were Eliza Melville McNair (nee Paton) who married William Branks McNair and James Paton who married Jessie Paton (nee Hay).

Lynley believes the Paton family were originally from around Airdrie and in her searches has found evidence of an Elizabeth Paton who married a George Rankine and settled in New Monkland, although is unclear what, if any, relationship they may have to her.

Lynley said: “It is my hope that some of the families will read this and contact me.

“The family my father met in Scotland will likely have passed and we are probably now at their children’s children, but it would still be great to get in touch and learn more about my roots.”

If you think you might be related to Lynley you can send her an e-mail e-mail