Peter Vardy boost for families in need

Peter Vardy staff members Nicola Kay and Helen Conway.
Peter Vardy staff members Nicola Kay and Helen Conway.

The Peter Vardy Group Vauxhall dealership in Motherwell has been supporting the Salvation Army foodbank in the town.

The Peter Vardy Foundation, which co-ordinates the company’s wide-ranging charitable activities, gave £1,500 to each of its twelve sites.

This money, £18,000 in all, was to be used to buy food for a nominated organisations operating in each of the areas in which the dealership or office is situated.

In Motherwell, all food purchased was donated to the Motherwell Salvation Army foodbank, where volunteers helped distribute donated food to help people in crisis.

Peter Vardy chaplain Martyn Bellshaw said: “Food poverty is a massive problem and the company’s wish is to provide practical help for people in immediate need.

“Our key aim is to support local communities and make a difference - transforming lives, transforming communities. We are supporting local bodies which provide a strong local service for people in need.”

Its chief executive, Peter Vardy, who was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Entrepreneurial Scotland awards in November, has fostered a culture within the company of meaningful charitable activity.

The group devotes 10 per cent of its profits annually to worthwhile community enterprises, allowing it to beneficially affect lives across Scotland.

Recent beneficiaries have included Children in Need, Teen Challenge, MacMillan Coffee Morning, Christian Aid and Living Below the Line.

Mr Bellshaw added: “We are anticipating that a lot of people would like to support this initiative. If you would like to get involved, please speak to the Motherwell Salvation Army foodbank directly.

“The best person to contact is Ian Emery on 01698 262809 or email”