Work progressing on dementia-friendly gardens

The Motherwell community has come together to develop the dementia gardens in Findlay Street.

Friday, 30th April 2021, 3:34 pm
Some of the young and older rugby club men with Cllr Macgowan and Jamie Hope at the garden.

In 2015 a garden was developed in Findlay Street, which was a specialist garden for people within the community who have memory problems.

The garden has since become overgrown and now a team of people, including Community Learning and Development, Clydesdale Community Initiative, the health board, Dalziel Rugby Club and Motherwell South Church, along with some of the local schools, are working on the gardens to make them attractive, useful and a calming influence to the community once again.

The team decided that a gazebo to allow people to use the gardens in all weathers would be useful. As there is also a close connection between sport and exercise and alleviating mental health difficulties Dalziel Rugby Club was delighted to support the preparation of the ground ready for the erection of the gazebo.

Graham Calder the head coach organised an 18-strong team (all socially distanced) to come along and remove 12 posts which were concreted into the ground in the area marked out for the structure.

Jamie Hope from Clydesdale Community Initiatives said: “NHS Lanarkshire Green Health Project (which is co-ordinated by Clydesdale Community Initiatives), delivers food growing/gardening sessions at North & South Lanarkshire hospital sites.

"The weekly gardening groups facilitate health and wellbeing benefits for hospital in-patients, outpatients and community volunteers, many of whom face the greatest risk of health and mental health inequalities. The dementia garden at Airbles Road has been a lifeline during the past year as it has enabled our participants the opportunity to come and do some gardening thus improving their mental health. I’m hugely grateful to Dalziel Rugby Club for their ongoing help and support for this project, much appreciated.”

Councillor Agnes Magowan said: “I am delighted that Clydesdale Community Initiatives are going to plant vegetables which will then be give to local foodbanks. It’s a win win situation for local health and wellbeing.”

David Scott the Club President commented: “It’s good to help upgrade a facility which helps promote positive mental health and I look forward to seeing the finished project. The club are always looking for chances to help out and forge stronger links with our local agencies and community groups.”

Graham Calder the head coach said: “We are a community club and believe in helping others. Eighteen club members, ranging from senior players, midi coaches, senior coaches and committee members volunteered to help renovate the Alzheimer’s Garden.

"This is an example of the kind of club we are. All members understand the values of rugby and how important it is to help others and support each other. It was a privilege to contribute to the local community and also help a great charity, which means so much to many members of the club.”

Councillor Magowan added: “Anyone who wishes to help with the gardens would be made most welcome from 1pm to 3pm on a Thursday.”