Tribute to man of community

Harry Crossan
Harry Crossan

Tributes have been paid this week to community stalwart Harry Crossan who died on January 20 and whose funeral took place last Thursday.

Harry’s name is synonymous with the Greenlink Project which is based in Motherwell.

He was a founder of the Greenlink Community Development Group and chairman of the Greenlink Allotment Group. He was a volunteer since the project began in 2005 and a volunteer member right up to his death.

Former Ravenscraig worker Harry lived with his wife Anne in Braidhurst Street, Motherwell, and he was an active member of the Wood Crescent Tenants Association. He was known as the man people went to see when they needed help with a community problem.

Susan Rutherford, Co-ordinator of Greenlink said: “Harry accomplished so much during his time with the Greenlink. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Greenlink Allotment and Jubilee woodland, he built a mini-orchard and vegetable garden for Forgewood Nursery, and taught hundreds of school children about wildlife.

“Harry supervised conservation sessions on Greenlink and was always a huge support at events. He also helped to transform the Greenlink by planting thousands of trees and wild flowers.

“He was passionate about Greenlink and had a great love of wildlife. He wanted people in his community to be able to enjoy clean, safe and fun green space.”

Harry had been employed for many years at Ravenscraig and after the closure of the plant he worked for some years in the catering industry. He is best known for his voluntary and caring work in the community and was well respected by everyone who knew him.

He was described as a devoted husband, loving dad and a well-loved grandfather.

Susan Rutherford added: “Harry’s strength and support was invaluable to Greenlink and he inspired others. His dedication and commitment will never be forgotten. But most of all he will be missed by me and the volunteers because he was our friend!”