Terrified OAPs say they’re under siege

The disused pavilion in Calder Park which nearby residents say is a magnet for rowdy teenagers.
The disused pavilion in Calder Park which nearby residents say is a magnet for rowdy teenagers.

Frightened Motherwell pensioners claim they’re under siege from rowdy teenagers who have been targeting their homes.

They’ve had windows smashed and bins set on fire during a series of incidents since the turn of the year.

Worried things might get worse, one resident of Highfield Crescent said: “We are sick to death of it and don’t know where to turn.”

The culprits are a gang of around 10 teenage boys and girls who hang around the old pavilion in Calder Park. They make their way to and from the park via a lane in Highfield Crescent.

Stones were thrown at a number of windows in the street one Sunday night last month. Two weeks later bins were taken from four households, dragged into the park and set alight. The flames also destroyed recently-installed play equipment in the park.

One man said: “A lot of people want the lane closed off because of what is happening. The council says it’s used by people who walk their dogs, but there are other ways into the park they can use. At the very least we want lights installed in the lane and CCTV put in. We also want the pavilion in the park demolished. It’s not been used for years and only attracts the troublemakers.”

The Times spoke to several worried residents in the street. Understandably, none wished to be identified. One man in his 70s said: “It’s predominantly older people in Highfield Crescent. Some of our neighbours are in their 90s.

“It’s terrible when people who have worked all their days and never been in trouble have to put up with this.”

The man and his wife had to replace living room and kitchen windows which were smashed. They said stone-throwing went on for nearly two hours one night.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council expressed sympathy with the residents, saying: “We have received a number of complaints about anti-social behaviour. Our housing team and anti-social taskforce are working with police to identify those responsible and possible solutions.”

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