Pamela panics over missing customer

Pamela, left, meets up again with grateful customer Letitia.
Pamela, left, meets up again with grateful customer Letitia.

When a customer who suffers ill health didn’t answer the door at the arranged time, alarm bells started ringing for delivery driver Pamela King.

The kind-hearted Tesco employee got no reply from two phone numbers and feared the worst when she saw no signs of life around Letitia Fearon’s Motherwell home.

Pamela was so worried she alerted the police after speaking to her boss and officers were on their way when, much to Pamela’s relief, disabled Letitia and her daughter turned up at the house, unaware of the fuss.

When Letitia heard of the steps Pamela had taken to ensure she was all right, she contacted the Tesco store in Wishaw - and that led to Pamela being named employee of the month.

Letitia, who lives in The Loaning area, said: “Pamela went beyond the call of duty and deserves recognition. She was in a real panic when there was no answer, but she phoned other customers to say she would be late as she was concerned about me, so she was thinking about them too.”

Letitia had got the delivery time wrong and had had gone out with daughter Julia Pheely who said: “It’s great there are people like Pamela in the community to look out for my mum. If something sinister had happened, at least the alarm had been raised.”

Modest Pamela, who is from Motherwell and now lives in Wishaw, was grateful to Letitia for putting her forward for an award.

She said: “I never had a gran or granda so I seem to take the older customers under my wing.

“When there was no answer at the door I tried a couple of phone numbers, but they rang out. I tried neighbouring houses, but there was no answer. I looked in Letitia’s windows and even in her back garden.

“I then called my boss and was advised to phone the police which I did. I was just so relieved when Letitia and Julia turned up.”