Mum’s the word at Motherwell store

Mums and children celebrate family connection at Asda
Mums and children celebrate family connection at Asda

They’re certainly looking forward to Mother’s Day at the Asda store in Motherwell where eight mums and 10 children are employed.

Clare Wilson and Lesley McIntyre have been friends for years, ever since they were both pregnant at the same time.

When Clare’s son Mark and Lesley’s daughter Amy were born, they remained close and Mark and Amy grew up together, frequenting each other’s birthday celebrations. Now all four of them work together at the store and in recent years they have been joined by Mark and Amy’s younger siblings, Stephen and Katie.

Carol Richmond and Sharon Docherty both work in the services department together. In the same team, Isobel Stevenson is joined by her son Kenny Gray who works in the ambient department. Stacey Dobbin also works within the services team and her mother, Margaret, also works at the Motherwell store.

Meanwhile, Gail Tollan, Janie Brownlee and Claire McLean round off the family teams as their kids David, Scott and Samantha have been part of the store team for a number of years.

Store manager Robert McDonald said: “It’s lovely to see such great family relationships blossom into friendships. Our special sets of colleagues are a real inspiration to others throughout the store on how to work hard and come together as a team.”