Lucky Corrie reunited with family in Uddingston

A lucky family pet was reunited with his relieved owners after being trapped six feet below a riverbank for 48 hours.

Monday, 21st June 2021, 5:03 pm
John Smith with Corrie
John Smith with Corrie

Cairn terrier Corrie had disappeared during a regular walk and not even a specialist pet search team could locate him.

But two days later a walker heard barking and distressed Corrie was discovered next to the water at the foot of the embankment.

Ten-year-old Corrie was with owner John Smith on their regular walk beside the River Clyde in Uddingston last Monday morning.

John, 69, had stopped to chat to friends when Corrie had wandered off.

An initial search of the surrounding area proved fruitless and the frantic family put up missing posters while son Paul co-ordinated an appeal via social media.

John, of Uddingston, said: "I feared Corrie had gone into the water and drowned or been taken by someone.

"The next two nights were horrible and there were lots of tears. Corrie's been with us since he was a pup.

"But then on Wednesday my daughter, who lives in Madrid, noticed a Facebook post from a walker who'd heard barking on the riverbank. I rushed down there with my son Mark who went into the undergrowth and heard whining.

"He found Corrie, inches from the water. It looks like he’d fallen six feet down the bank and been unable to get back up.

"I can't describe how I felt when I saw him. I burst into tears.

"The water level was rising after rain the previous night. I think we found him not a minute too soon."

Corrie suffered an injury to his leg, but otherwise appeared to have been none the worse for his ordeal.

John thanked everyone who helped in the search, including the voluntary group Lanarkshire Trap and Scan Crew who joined in the search for Corrie with thermal cameras on Tuesday night.

And in another twist to the tail, the family were also delighted that they helped to reunite another lost dog with her owner.

John explained: "A girl found a border terrier cross and thought she might be ours. However, we managed to return her to the owner."

We’re delighted that this doggy tale of determination had a happy ending.