Hook’s big adventure has a happy ending

Hook back home with owner Allana Graham
Hook back home with owner Allana Graham

A half blind cat with a flair for adventure has demonstrated the importance of microchipping after he was found 15 miles away from home.

The Scottish SPCA was alerted last Thursday when a member of the public spotted the cat in Cardonald, with what looked like an injured eye.

Animal rescue officer Jan Toraman collected the feline and took him to a vet where he was scanned for a microchip.

The cat turned out to be a former Scottish SPCA rescue pet named Hook and was registered to a Bellshill address.

Jan said: “The people who found Hook heard noises as they were waiting for the lift in their flat and when opened the cat jumped out so they took him outside presuming he was someone nearby’s pet.

“Hook then jumped in their car so they put him out again, but that night Hook was still hanging around and they were worried about his eye so decided to call us.

“The vet advised Hook’s eye injury was old and although he wasn’t able to see out of it, it wouldn’t need to be removed.

“His microchip revealed Hook lived in Bellshill, a fair distance from where he was found, and his owners were over the moon to hear he was safe as it turns out he had only been missing for 24 hours.”

After taking him home, Jan discovered Hook’s many other adventures.

She said: “Hook’s owners told me he would often go into neighbours’ houses and jump in their cars without them noticing.

“He’d even follow his owners to the bus stop and try and get on the bus with them to work.

“Shops sometimes catch Hook sitting in the cat food aisle and he has been spotted in the treat section at Poundland in Coatbridge.

“On one big adventure Hook navigated his way to Strathclyde Country Park and hitched a ride with an unsuspecting couple who found him the next day.”