Good Samaritans come to Margaret’s rescue

Margaret Henderson
Margaret Henderson

A Motherwell pensioner has sent a message of gratitude to three young women who came to her rescue when a callous thief stole her purse.

Margaret Henderson (73) was shopping in Asda in Motherwell last Wednesday and when she went to the check-out she discovered to her horror that her purse had been stolen from her bag.

She could not pay for her shopping and was distressed at the loss of her purse. Asda staff were very helpful and allowed Margaret to telephone to stop her bank cards from being used. Margaret is very grateful to them for their consideration of her.

The three young women whom Margaret estimated as in their late teens, brought her shopping to her, having paid for the purchases.

In her distress Margaret had not thanked them and she is anxious to let them know how much she appreciated the gesture.

It’s another story of helping others, following the recent stories such as the gift of £5 to a young mother from a fellow passenger who admired her son’s behaviour, and people queuing up to take on a dog which was abandoned at a bus station.

Margaret explained: “It was really my own fault. I had my purse in my shoulder bag which was in the shopping bag in the trolley. I opened the bag to get my spectacles to read something and must have left it unzipped.

“I have been really upset, there was £130 in the purse, but it’s not the money that’s important. I feel that my private life has been invaded, the purse also contained contact cards and I wish I could get these back.

“As far as the young women go, they restored my faith in humanity. This was a lovely gesture, I really appreciated what they did and can’t explain how much it meant.”

If you know who Margaret’s good Samaritans were call 01698 242553 or e-mail us