Dog walker hits out after near miss

NHS Lanarkshire's headquarters in Bothwell
NHS Lanarkshire's headquarters in Bothwell

A dog walker says he had a lucky escape when a health worker’s car veered on to the pavement and nearly hit him.

The furious man complained to the driver’s employers - only to see a ‘no dog walking’ sign put up days later at the spot where the incident happened.

Now NHS Lanarkshire admits it made a mistake by pinning the notice on a lamp post beside the footpath in Bothwell.

The authority denied it was an act of retaliation and said it was co-incidental that it was put up at that time.

The Bothwell resident said he was on the footpath at the Fallside Road-Farm Court junction, across from NHS Lanarkshire’s headquarters, formerly Kirklands Hospital.

He said: “The car turned into Farm Court from Fallside Road but went on to the path. If I hadn’t jumped out of the way I would have been seriously injured.

“The driving was bad enough, but this person then parked in a bay which is for residents only. I couldn’t believe it when they then put up the sign advising people not to walk dogs ‘for reasons of hygiene and safety’.”

Christine Jack, NHS Lanarkshire operational manager for the Kirklands Hospital site, said the sign was put up after requests from staff, adding: “It was erected on Fallside Road by mistake when it should have been on a section of our ground. We apologise to the residents for any confusion this error caused. The sign has been relocated to its intended area.”

On the issue of parking bays, Ms Jack added: “We will be working with the residents and South Lanarkshire Council to establish ownership of the parking bays on Farm Court as it is unclear whether they are for residential or public use.”