Parishioners encouraged by kind donation

Pastor Bob Baxter
Pastor Bob Baxter

Parishioners at a Motherwell church that has suffered a string of break-ins were moved after receiving a cash donation.

The Times reported last week that Motherwell Baptist Church, on Windmillhill Street, has been hit with a wave of break-ins over recent weeks.

Thieves have also targeted the church roof, swiping lead and leaving behind trail of destruction.

Following our story, a kind-hearted reader wrote an anonymous letter and posted it to the church - with £100 cash inside.

Pastor Bob Baxter said: “It has been a very difficult time at the church recently, and we have suffered yet another lead theft from the roof.

“On Saturday, we received an anonymous letter from someone saying they were sorry to read of our troubles in the Times, and they enclosed £100 as a gift.

“People here have been moved to tears reading it. Despite everything that has happened, it is so encouraging that someone responded in this way - and we’d like to say thank you.”

Police are investigating the break-ins. Anyone with information is urged to call 101.