Opponents of railhead plan on the march

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Opponents of P D Stirling’s plans to expand it’s operation at Mossend Railhead took to the streets on Saturday for a demonstration.

Members of Bellshill Greenbelt Alliance met at Bellshill Boys’ Club in Carnbroe Street with the intention of marching past the gates of P D Stirling‘s operations.

However this idea was stopped by police who said it didn’t conform with the route that had been agreed when the march was given permission to take place.

Last year a plan by Stirling to run a new road through land bordered by Carnbroe Road to the A8 was withdrawn after residents reacted with fury.

The new proposals include an extension to the existing Mossend Railhead and the development of a rail-linked distribution park, to be accessed via a new roundabout on the upgraded A8 and a new bridge over the proposed M8 motorway.

Despite claims from Stirling it would create hundreds of jobs, this new proposal is sitting even worse with opponents.

Bellshill Greenbelt Alliance member Alison McLeish said: “Mr Stirling wants to build a private road and use up the last bit of greenbelt for warehouses and a distribution centre.

“The residents in the area are far from happy as this will use up the last piece of Greenbelt in the area.

“The are many reasons we are against the expansion such as noise pollution from the constant loading and unloading of the rail freight trains and work done in the many proposed distribution centres.

“Light pollution of working 24/7, air pollution with the expansion of the motorway and additional transport in the area could also be dangerous for children.

“We set up an online petition and have already got over 700 signatures.“

P D Stirling’s plans will be submitted on July 29.