Operations cancelled due to rain leaks in hospital

Monklands Hospital
Monklands Hospital

Operations are being 
cancelled at one of Scotland’s busiest hospitals because heavy rain leaks into the 

A damning maintenance report exposes the backlog of work needed at Monklands Hospital, Airdrie, and puts the bill at more than £30 million.

Resuscitation areas are shut when the drains back up after a downpour, according to NHS officials. The report highlights safety concerns including 
narrow staircases which could put patients at risk.

NHS Lanarkshire has spent £35m at Monklands over the last seven years, including £19m on new theatres and 
critical care facilities.

However, £30.5m of repairs are still outstanding.

Directors are backing plans for a new £500m replacement hospital which former health secretary Alex Neil says is 
desperately needed.

They insist it could be built by 2023 but critics fear Monk-lands is being deliberately run down as essential repairs are postponed and services moved to other hospitals.

Peter Owens, Mr Neil’s former office manager and now part of the Stop Monk-lands Orthopaedic A&E Downgrade campaign group, said there was “no question the hospital is being downgraded by the back door”.

He said: “Walk around that hospital and you can see the state it is in, and has been allowed to get in for years now.

“This maintenance backlog is just the latest in the drip, drip approach to the eventual closure of Monklands.

“We warned when they ripped the orthopaedic services out of Monklands it was the beginning of the end.

“The other two hospitals in Lanarkshire were built using PFI so are too expensive to close, so this makes Monk-lands even more vulnerable, and this talk of a new hospital at £500m when the NHS is so skint is just pie in the sky.”

The report into the work required states: “The building has significant issues with drainage and blocked pipes, and with water ingress.

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Taylor Wimpey have confirmed directly with local Councillor Nathan Wilson that the organisation retains its commitment to building a park and ride at Shieldmuir Train Station. In response to recent enquiries made by Councillor Wilson, Taylor Wimpey have advised that engagement is taking place with Network Rail over the latter’s approval procedures and that once this process is complete, work will be able to begin on site. The developer has informed the Motherwell Councillor that during the period of investigation undertaken since the commencement of building work was delayed in January 2018, an unrecorded service chamber has been discovered on site. The project cannot move forward until further clarification is provided on the nature of the service chamber and Taylor Wimpey are in the process of commissioning a contractor to assess the situation. The developer’s initial judgement is that this is likely a redundant service. A senior representative of the organisation has also informed Councillor Wilson that a member of the Taylor Wimpey production team will be sent out to inspect the vacant land following a request he made at the beginning of 2019 for maintenance work to be carried out on site should construction of the park and ride remain some time away. Councillor Nathan Wilson said: “Taylor Wimpey have communicated to me directly that the park and ride facility is a project that the organisation remains committed to delivering. “However, it goes without saying that the lengthy delay is still very disappointing and frustrating. “An unrecorded service chamber has been identified on site and progress is unable to be made until this has been investigated. “Taylor Wimpey have relayed to me that an on-site inspection of the vacant land will take place and I hold to the view that maintenance work should be carried out in the short term to improve it’s current condition. “I will continue to engage with the relevant stakeholders and re-inforce to them the importance of the park and ride project locally. Motherwell and Wishaw CAB takes home 40 per cent of the prizes

“Further impact includes unplanned closure of resuscitation areas due to drainage backflow, closure of inpatient areas and closure of theatres due to leaks and damage to clinical areas.”

Central Scotland Labour MSP Elaine Smith said: “Monk-
lands faces a huge backlog of maintenance and continuing cuts... Given the hospital has already been downgraded with patients being diverted to other hospitals, that simply is not good enough.”