On the road to ruin

Councillor Michael Ross is complaining about condition of old Motherwell town hall
Councillor Michael Ross is complaining about condition of old Motherwell town hall

THE former Motherwell Town Hall has become the victim of neglect and needs sizeable investment to once again become a landmark the town can be proud of.

That is the opinion of Motherwell West councillor Michael Ross who is angry with North Lanarkshire Council for allowing the 125-year-old C listed building to become rundown.

The building is now used as a business centre with local government based at Motherwell Civic Centre, which opened in 1970, but is still owned by the council.

Councillor Ross said: “If the council had taken just £100,000 from the millions spent on the Dalziel Building then everything would be sorted.

“Instead we have what should be a landmark building in Motherwell falling into ruin and if nothing is done soon it will be too late to stop the decline.

“The guttering is all rusty, there are weeds growing in the balcony, broken windows are evident and the holes in the downpipes are especially obvious.

“When we had the really heavy rain the downpipes were like something from a cartoon, imagine Yosemite Sam being filled with holes by Bugs Bunny and then taking a drink.

“It is pure and simple neglect, you look at the library across the road and it looks great after its refurbishment and now it is time for the town hall to receive the same treatment to stop it becoming the poor relation.

“I haven’t received any complaints from the clients of the business centre, but I think the people of Motherwell are fond of the old building and would hate to see it fall into further decline.”

Councillor Ross shared his concerns with the council a month ago, but is still waiting for an inspection to be carried out.

A spokesperson for North Lanarkshire Council initially told the Motherwell Times: “During the stormy weather earlier this year, the old town hall building suffered some damage which resulted in water coming into the building, however this was repaired promptly and the area redecorated.

“The building is regularly inspected and maintained, and we are not aware of any problems.”

However, after being shown pictures of the broken downpipe the property department advised they will arrange for this repair to be carried out along with a further inspection.

Do you agree with Councillor Ross, should North Lanarkshire Council spend money to restore the old Motherwell Town Hall to its former glory?

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