On a wing and a prayer for safe return of Bobby

Have you seen Bobby?
Have you seen Bobby?
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A North Motherwell man has made an appeal for help in finding his lost cockatiel after it got a fright and flew away last Thursday.

John Duff of Magna Street, who is blind, has owned Bobby for over 16 years since he was a newborn chick.

John said: “He has never tried to escape before and the door has been open lots of times and he never flew away, but on Thursday when the door opened it hit a bit of wood and he just got spooked.

“My girlfriend died 14 weeks ago so losing Bobby was the last thing I needed on top of that, and my head is all over the place.

“A friend said a guy has been out in the area with a sparrowhawk scaring birds out of the trees so to be honest I fear the worst.

“Being blind I don’t actually know what he looks like, but I am told he was white, but has now gone grey with age and has very distinctive red cheeks, almost like he is wearing blusher.

“A woman in Muirhouse called to say she had seen a cockatiel, but from her description I am pretty sure it wasn’t him.”

John also owns a grey parrot called Barney who he says is pining for Bobby having been together for many years.

He said: “I’ve had Barney for 14 years so he has been with Bobby all his life and it is pretty clear to me that he also misses him terribly.

“Normally you can’t keep him quiet as he sits and calls over to Bobby, but at the moment he just sits in his cage seemingly depressed.

“I know I would be delighted if Bobby turned up, but I think Barney would be even more pleased.”

If you have seen Bobby call 01698 259644 or e-mail John