No close shave for Rhys

LAST SHAVE: there'll be no more of this for Rhys until the New Year!
LAST SHAVE: there'll be no more of this for Rhys until the New Year!

A Netherton dad with a penchant for shaving and a love of straight razors has put down his blades to fundraise during ‘Decembeard’.

Rhys Williams (37) will forgo his unusual hobby in a bid to raise cash for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity after seeing a TV ad for it’s Decembeard event.

Much in the same way as ‘Movember’, the charity is encouraging participants to avoid shaving and allow their facial hair to grow freely throughout the month.

Father of three Rhys said: “I have been a user of straight razors for many years, I’m not really sure why I started I just wanted to.

“Soon after starting to use straights razors I started to restore antiques. It is therapeutic and I find it very fulfilling. I have some razors from the early 1800s that I use frequently.”

The idea of growing a beard came to Rhys when he caught an appeal for participants on TV.

He said: “I thought to myself, ‘I can think of very little that for me, with my hobby, would be worse than growing a beard’. I then thought actually I can think of something worse - cancer.

“It struck me like that, and given the time of year where goodwill to all and charity should be prevalent in our thoughts, what better way to mark it than to offer my support to the cause.

To support Rhys’s efforts with a donation, visit

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