Nicky’s floored by carpet-seller gag

Nicky Campbell witih Reece McFadden's family. Photo courtesy of Radio 5 Live.
Nicky Campbell witih Reece McFadden's family. Photo courtesy of Radio 5 Live.

The dad of Commonwealth Games medallist Reece McFadden has told how he inadvertently became a star on national radio.

John McFadden baffled Radio 5 Live presenter Nicky Campbell when he asked on air if he was ‘still selling carpets’.

Members of ‘Team McFadden’, who were at Glasgow’s SECC to support flyweight Reece, could be heard laughing loudly in the background.

Scot Nicky confessed on his breakfast show he hadn’t a clue what the joke was, but had decided to join in the hilarity anyway.

He said he was asked another twice by McFadden supporters about carpet-selling and left the arena none the wiser, thinking it was a joke he wasn’t in on.

However, listeners solved the mystery for him when they suggested John had got Nicky confused with fellow BBC presenter Dougie Donnelly who starred in a television advert for household furniture and carpets specialists Sterling Warehouse.

London-based Nicky is a proud Scot and was part of the BBC team covering the Games in Glasgow.

He was a keen spectator ringside as Reece progressed to the semi-finals of the boxing and was interviewing the McFadden family after one of Reece’s victories when John made the carpet-seller quip.

John was with his son for a homecoming party in Motherwell last week to celebrate his bronze medal.

As he recalled the post-fight conversation, he admitted: “I got Nicky mixed up with Dougie Donnelly. We had a good laugh with him when we met him again later.”

Also raising a chuckle at the boxing was lightweight gold medallist Charlie Flynn whose post-final interview had TV viewers in stitches.

The Newarthill fighter said watching the footage made him ‘cringe’, but his down to earth manner and sheer exuberance have put him in huge demand.