Nicholas set for Saturday’s crucial X-Factor show

Nicholas McDonald
Nicholas McDonald

Nicholas McDonald is “completely ready” for the latest crucial round of his bid to win X-Factor - buoyed by massive support from Motherwell.

In a phone interview with Motherwell Times from the X-Factor studio in London, the 16-year-old said: “The support I’ve been getting from across the whole of Britain has been superb, never mind Scotland - but it’s been incredible in and around Motherwell.”

He added: “There are some press people who seem to do nothing but spend all their time at the keyboard trying to find an angle that will sound a sour note, and if that’s how they want to spend their time, that’s up to them.

“But when I get out there to sing I’ll be treating all of that negativity as water off a duck’s back, because it’s nothing compared to the positive messages from people wishing me well.

“My family are down here for the weekend too - and obviously that means a lot to me.”

Nicholas said: “I wasn’t alive in the ‘80’s, but I’m happy with the one chosen, and I’ll be giving it everything.

“I’m going all out to win on Saturday, because I really believe I can win this contest.”

Nicholas wasn’t allowed to say which ‘80’s hit he’ll be singing, but an apparently reliable TV-originated tweet says it’s going to be True by Spandau Ballet.

Nicholas has been involved in last minute coaching and rehearsal, but said: “We’re been quite pampered today - they’re doing contestants’ nails and things like that.

“I’ll be as ready as I can be for the show on Saturday.”