Newarthill couple stuns guests with surprise wedding

The new Mr and Mrs Forde. Pic by John Carroll Photography & Videography.
The new Mr and Mrs Forde. Pic by John Carroll Photography & Videography.

Newarthill’s St Teresa’s church hosted a christening with a difference last weekend - with a surprise wedding adding a huge twist.

Local couple Jonean and Christopher Forde asked family and friends to attend the christening of their son, Marcus, with the priest, Fr Kane, stunning guests by asking them to be upstanding for the bride.

The happy pair tied the knot in front of shocked family and friends after keeping the big day a secret throughout preparations.

Jonean and Christopher - also parents to Gabriella - managed to organise their big day with just their mothers knowing.

Jonean said: “We actually married on our six-year anniversary - June 26, 2010, was our first date together.

“We done it this way as having a big day was always something I wanted, however not for Chris.

“He fancied the idea of going away and getting hitched without the fuss that goes with weddings nowadays.

“But was really important for me to have our friends and family there, especially my mum.

“So this way, we told our mothers and allowed them to have their place as our mothers by buying their hats, and also had them as witnesses.

“We kept it a secret from everyone else.”
She added: “Father Kane started off by thanking everyone for attending the baptism of our son Marcus, but proceeded to tell them, ‘you’re actually here to be part of a wedding also’, and then asked everyone to stand for the bride.

“The place was in shock and I could hear the gasps from outside in the hallway.

“It was perfect and everyone is still on cloud nine over the way it was done.”