New scheme helps block nuisance calls

trueCall can help stop nuisance calls
trueCall can help stop nuisance calls

People in North Lanarkshire are being encouraged to take advantage of a new scheme to block nuisance calls.

North Lanarkshire Council’s Trading Standards Service, in partnership with trueCall, provide a phone number which people can supply instead of their own when they fill in online forms.

Paul Bannister, Trading Standards manager, said: “People often find when they try to complete online forms they are asked for their phone number and then may receive unwarranted phone contact.

“There is no reason to provide a phone number, if the company needs to contact you, they can send you an e-mail. Unfortunately, these online forms often cannot be completed unless a phone number is provided, even if you would prefer not to give it out.

“That is where trueCall38 comes in. Use 0333 88 88 88 88 instead of your own phone number. When a call centre phones, they will then hear the announcement: ‘TrueCall38 is handling my calls. I prefer not to be contacted by phone, so please contact me via my e-mail address. Goodbye!’”

Steve Smith, trueCall director and nuisance call campaigner, added: “Some organisations, such as airlines or hospitals, do really need your telephone number to contact you, but many others don’t.

“The free trueCall38 number neatly bypasses this problem, letting you complete the form, safe in the knowledge that you’re not about to be bombarded with nuisance calls.”