Mum wants law changed for sex accused

A MUM wants a change in the law after a jury took just two minutes to clear her son of a serious sexual offence.

Twenty-year-old Roy Maley faced a stretch behind bars had he been convicted of abusing a woman at a party last Christmas.

But he walked free after what is believed to be the quickest ever verdict by a jury at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Maley, of O’Wood Avenue, Holytown, had protested his innocence from the outset and had, in fact, been the one to call the police.

He told officers the 28-year-old woman had hit him and falsely accused him of rape.

His mum, Elizabeth Snape, said Maley had suffered ‘humiliation’ and the the law should be changed to give men accused of sex crimes anonymity unless they are found guilty.

Maley was accused of committing the offence during a Boxing Day party at his best friend’s home in Carfin.

It was alleged he molested a woman while she was drunk or asleep and could not give her consent.

He was held for more than 12 hours and quizzed about what had happened.

Ms Snape said: “He was stripped and had swabs taken. It was a terrible experience for him, humiliating.”

Maley was forced to give up his job because of the allegation and his mum said the stress increased when a magazine published his name ahead of the trial.

A well-placed source told the Motherwell Times: “The jury returned with the quickest verdict that anyone around Hamilton Sheriff Court could ever recall.

“They informed an official they had reached their verdict within two minutes.”

Ms Snape added: “It’s terrible to be accused of something you haven’t done.

“When it became public that Roy was facing this charge no one was nasty towards him, but it was embarrassing.

“Some of us are now trying to get together with other people who have faced the same situation to start a campaign.

“People like Roy shouldn’t be given publicity before they have the chance to clear their name.”

Full story in this week’s Motherwell Times, out now.