MSP resigns from SNP over policy conflict

John Wilson
John Wilson

Central Scotland list MSP John Wilson has explained his reasons for resigning from the SNP.

He submitted his resignation to First Minster Alex Salmond yesterday (Tuesday) citing increased conflict with the direction of SNP policy in recent years, particularly but not exclusively relating to Trident and membership of NATO.

Mr Wilson said: “This is neither a decision that I have taken lightly nor one that has been easy to make, however my discomfort with the development of SNP policy alongside issues which have developed locally in recent years has left me with little choice.

“I am still strongly committed to the concept of Scotland being a sovereign independent nation and I shall continue to be a part of this campaign in the future.

“The referendum results we achieved locally were outstanding with North Lanarkshire voting in favour of independence, substantially more than those in opposition.”

Mr Wilson intends to remain an MSP for the Central Scotland region at the present time working as an Independent.

He said: “I will continue to work hard for constituents throughout Central Scotland as I have done throughout my last seven years as a member of the Scottish Parliament.”