MSP Pentland welcomes Smith Commission proposal on powers

MSP John Pentland
MSP John Pentland

Motherwell and Wishaw MSP John Pentland has welcomed the proposals of the Smith Commission set up to consider new powers for Scotland following the Referendum.

The commission’s proposals, revealed last week, are for Scotland to decide income tax rates, keep 100 per cent of Scottish income tax, devolve Air Passenger Duty, a 50 per cent share of VAT, and further fiscal powers.

The proposals also devolve control of benefits not covered by Universal Credit and give powers to the Scottish Parliament create new or additional benefits and to top up existing benefits.

Mr Pentland said: “These new powers – which have been agreed by Labour, Green, LibDem, SNP and Tory parties - deliver what was promised before the referendum.

“Taken together, they greatly enhance the Scottish Government’s ability to deliver socially just solutions to Scotland’s social, economic and environmental problems.

“Most Scottish people want action, not a never-ending diet of divisive grievance politics.

“Scotland needs to move forward and concentrate on making devolution work by utilising our growing powers to help the poor and the vulnerable, rather than just treating them as pawns in the SNP’s constitutional game.”