MSP attacks minister over police cutback

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MSP John Pentland has slammed the Scottish Government for allowing cuts to be made to the counttry’s police services.

The Motherwell and Wishaw MSP says police stations and control rooms are being cut and closed, civilian staff numbers are being halved, and police officers trained for the frontline are doing backroom jobs – all without proper consultation.

Speaking in the Scottish Parliament, he said: “It is clear to me and the public that the cabinet secretary’s chosen role on this reform journey is to sit back and watch the decline and destruction, and wash his hands of the consequences.

“Does he really believe that those are purely operational matters?

“The cabinet secretary does not even insist on proper consultation with staff and communities before decisions are made.

“Consultation after decisions have been taken is not really consultation. It is just letting people say what they think and then ignoring them.

“When will the cabinet secretary accept that it is his responsibility to deal with the situation?

“He needs to stop passing the buck.”