MP wants U-turn on 650-metre PO ‘flit’

Alan McClymont with the petition.
Alan McClymont with the petition.

Motherwell MP Frank Roy has slammed as “badly thought out” a bid to ‘move’ New Stevenston’s Carfin Street Post Office to a mini-market away from the village centre.

The scheme has already spurred local man Alan McClymont to raise a petition, which had gained around 100 names by Monday.

He said: “At the moment we’ve got a proper Post Office in a good location at Carfin Street.

“If they move it to the mini-market in Stevenston Street a lot of elderly and disabled people will suffer - it is a hopeless spot for many of the people who rely on post office services.”

The Post Office also plans to relocate Muirhouse Post Office, as part of its wider plan for branches - but it would only be moving 22 metres, from 2 Muirhouse Road to Costcutters at 12 Muirhouse Road.

Mr Roy said: “I don’t really have an issue with that plan, but the proposed New Stevenston relocation doesn’t really make sense.

“I recognise it could please people near the proposed new site, but really you expect a Post Office to be in the ‘centre of town’ - as at present. There’s no doubt a lot of people would be inconvenienced if this went ahead.

“They’d either have to cross a railway bridge or drive by car to reach the new site by road.

“I’ll be writing to the Post Office to tell them of my concerns, and will be asking them to find a more suitable location.”

In its proposed revamp the Post Office says its intended new location at the Salina Mini Market, 29 Stevenston Street, would open longer hours.