Motherwell park plan not fair say residents

Calder Park used to be a popular football venue.
Calder Park used to be a popular football venue.

Motherwell residents have described as ‘ridiculous’ a suggestion that the park on their doorstep could be used as a fairground.

They say Calder Park and nearby Merry Street couldn’t cope with the lorries, caravans and other traffic that the carnival would bring.

Calder Park used to be one of the main football venues in the town, but although teams have moved on to other pitches the area remains popular with dog walkers.

One resident said: “My house looks on to the park and the view is lovely. I don’t want a fairground backing on to my garden with all the noise it would bring. It’s a ridiculous idea.”

A pensioner who takes her grandchild to the park to play on the swings said the area has been neglected, but the last thing it needs is a fairground.

She said: “The traffic would cause absolute chaos. Merry Street is always busy and there are narrow pavements. It seems not a week goes by without roadworks here.

“How would it cope with lorries and caravans?”

The idea has come from the new arms length organisation set up by North Lanarkshire Council to handle its commercial property portfolio.

The council has a number of sites considered suitable for fairgrounds. However, two - Wishaw Sports Centre and Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld - have been taken off the list and North Lanarkshire Properties has been asked by the Showman’s Guild to identify new sites.

Councillor Peter Nolan said he has objected to the idea and believes it is unlikely to be approved.

He told the Times & Speaker: “I don’t think it’s appropriate to have a fairground here, particularly given the difficulties caused by vehicles entering and leaving Highfield Crescent to get access to the park.

“However, the football pitches were once well used and something must be done there.”

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