Motherwell mum dies after being hit by car

A floral tribute at the scene of the crash.
A floral tribute at the scene of the crash.

A Motherwell mum has been knocked down and killed while out walking her dog.

The woman died after being hit by a car less than five minutes’ walk from her home in Gresham View.

The tragedy happened outside Grange Tower in Muirhouse Road last night.

Neighbours said the victim’s husband and 11-year-old daughter rushed to the scene after being told what had happened. A woman who was playing bingo in a nearby church hall said: “We heard a loud bang and ran outside. People were already there trying to help. I saw the poor woman on the ground - she wasn’t moving.

“It wasn’t long before the police arrived followed by an ambulance, then the road was shut.”

Damage could be seen to brickwork near the entrance to Grange Tower.

A telephone number on the collar of the woman’s terrier dog meant contact could be made with her husband.

One neighbour said: “It’s a terrible thing to happen. She was a nice person and everyone round here is gutted.”

Another added: “The woman’s husband and daughter went to the scene. That’s a horrendous thing for them to go through.”

More details on this story will appear later and there will be a full report in the Motherwell Times, out on Wednesday.