Motherwell man’s graffiti protest to builders

Householder's message on garage door is clear.
Householder's message on garage door is clear.

A Motherwell resident was so fed up with his new home he warned off other buyers with an unflattering slogan on the door of his garage.

He branded his detached property - across the road from the estate’s showhomes - a ‘pig in a poke’.

It’s understood he is unhappy at a series of problems, including water penetration, that he’s faced since moving into the detached house in Franklin Drive a year ago.

The man declined to be named or to speak in detail about the situation.

His action stunned neighbours and one said: “He must be at the end of his tether to go to the extreme of putting graffiti on his own property.”

Another said: “The guy’s obviously had enough and by doing this is telling other people ‘This is what they’ve sold me.’”

The house is on the Baron’s Gate estate, off Leven Street.

Developer Dundas Estates says homes there have sold so well it’s building more. The company claimed this week there are only ‘normal’ snagging problems with a small number of residents.

However, that was disputed by residents.

One householder said: “I’ve been here a year and it’s one job after another - lots of small things that have gone wrong. I would say everyone seems to have issues with Dundas.”

Dundas Estates insisted there are no major problems with the development. A spokesman said: “Aftercare is just as important to us as the initial sale.

“We are working with a small number of residents at Baron’s Gate to resolve some snagging issues which is a normal part of the settling-in process.

“We are confident we will have this resolved in the very near future and that the residents will enjoy their homes for many years to come.”