Motherwell couple seeing double over eggs

Doubling up for breakfast in the Archibald household.
Doubling up for breakfast in the Archibald household.

A Motherwell couple have set a cracking new record by breaking 10 double yolk eggs in a row - beating odds of trillions to one.

Jim Archibald (67) was surprised when he broke open two eggs for his breakfast and found they had twin yolks.

The following day he cracked open four more from the same box - and discovered they were also double-yolkers.

And the day after that he broke the remaining four eggs in the pack and found they all had double yolks as well.

Experts say the odds of 10 double yolkers in the same box are “trillions to one” and much rarer than winning the lottery several times over.

Wife Agnes (58), a community support worker, said the family “certainly got their money’s worth”.

She said: “I could not believe it. We’ve never had anything like this before. I bought only 10 and they were all double yolkers.

“They didn’t taste any different, but this time we certainly got our money’s worth.”

Agnes paid £2 for the 10 eggs which were delivered to her workplace by an independent farmer.

She added: “We order them every week and he brings them to work. He has his own business.

“I don’t know what he’s feeding his hens!”

Agnes’s son Gerry (36) said: “It’s extremely rare. I think it’s something that you see only once in a lifetime.

“I’ve only ever come across one double yolk, so to see 10 is just crazy.”

The British Egg Information Service said one in 1,000 eggs is double-yolked.

Marks and Spencer started selling packs of free range eggs with double yolks earlier this year.

They are produced using a process known as “candling” - shining a bright light on each egg to show the silhouette of the yolks inside.

Agnes insisted that her eggs were “definitely not out of a supermarket”.