Missing cat turns up on doorstep of owner’s friend

Emma McGraw is reunited with Bella thanks to John Mallon
Emma McGraw is reunited with Bella thanks to John Mallon

A Holytown woman has been reunited with her cat after it randomly turned up at one of her friends’ house three weeks after going missing.

Emma McGraw had made an appeal on Facebook after Bella, a pedigree Persian, escaped on November 1 after window cleaners left the garden gate open.

The appeal was noticed by John Mallon from Mossend who has known Emma for five years since they worked together at Tunnock’s in Uddingston.

John said: “I met Emma in Bellshill on Thursday and asked if she had seen the cat, but sadly she hadn’t.

“I went home and saw a cat which looked a lot like Bella, I took its picture as it ran into the garage and then shut the door.

“Emma was working a shift at Tesco so I drove up to show her the photo and although it was blurry she thought it looked like Bella and when she came down we found the cat hiding in the garage and she knew right away it was hers.

“What are the chances of that happening? Emma lives almost two miles away and I had never met the cat, just seen its picture, so for her to turn up here is something of a miracle.”

Emma was thrilled to be reunited with Bella, who found an unexpected addition to the family when she went home.

Emma said: “Bella is a house cat, she might venture into the garden, but that’s about it so we were very worried about it.

“The vet says she is a little underweight and was a bit matted, but otherwise is in good health so I guess she managed to fend for herself well enough.

“We actually thought a couple of weeks ago that someone had stolen her and was trying to sell her on Craigslist as there was a cat who looked just like her.

“When we went to the house it turned out it was actually Bella’s dad who was having some problems with other male cats in the house so we gave him a new home.

“Father and daughter seem to be getting on okay, they are a little wary of each other at the moment, but I’m sure they’ll settle down.

“I couldn’t believe it when John came into the store to say he thought he had found Bella, it’s just such an odd coincidence that she should practically turn up on the doorstep of someone who knew she was missing.

“John and Bella had never met before, but they’ve now been introduced, and I’m just so happy that after three weeks of being devastated she was gone that the story has a happy ending.”