Milestone as NHS celebrates its 65th

Wishaw General Hospital
Wishaw General Hospital

All babies born in Lanarkshire on Friday will receive a commemorative photo frame to celebrate the NHS’s 65th anniversary.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing Alex Neil will also be visiting the maternity unit at Wishaw General Hospital to speak to mums and staff.

NHS Lanarkshire chairwoman Neena Mahal said: “We know how much the NHS and its staff are valued by people in Lanarkshire.

“Reaching its 65th anniversary is a major milestone and what better way to commemorate this than offering a small gift to the babies born in our maternity unit who will share their birthday with the NHS.”

Britain was the first nation in the world to introduce a universal health care system and while the uniforms, buildings and technologies have all evolved over the years the fundamental principles behind the NHS have survived unchanged.

Neena added: “The care we provide in Lanarkshire is developing all the time and as a result people are living longer, healthier lives .

“I would like to take this opportunity on the 65th anniversary of the NHS to thank all the staff in Lanarkshire who contribute to our success”.

Mr Neil said: “The hardworking staff of NHS Scotland save and improve lives round the clock and have my admiration and gratitude.”

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