Meeting to discuss library closure

Newarthill Library
Newarthill Library

Newarthill Community Council has organised a public meeting on Tuesday to discuss the future of the village library.

Earlier this week Culture NL stated it is one of a number of facilities which will close in August following a £1 million cut in its management fee from North Lanarkshire Council.

Community council secretary Josephine McKenzie said: “There are already very limited facilities in Newarthill so it would be a massive blow for the library to be gone.

“It is a important place for people of all ages and has been for a very long time, I’ve lived in the village for over 40 years and never imagined there would come a day the library wouldn’t be there.

“We know Culture NL has to meet budgets and will say there is similar facilities nearby, but the closest library in New Stevenston is not even on a direct bus route which makes it difficult particularly for older people.

“However, while we have our opinions about the situation within the community council we want to hear from the wider community about what they think about the situation.

“Before we can take the matter further with Culture NL and/or North Lanarkshire Council we want to know if this is indeed an issue that concerns the villagers of Newarthill.”

The meeting will be held in Newarthill Bowling Club at 7pm and a representative of Culture NL has been invited to attend.