Matt offers support as tribute to Julie

Matt Muircroft with his late wife Julie
Matt Muircroft with his late wife Julie

A big-hearted Motherwell carer who touched the world has vowed to use his experience to help others after his wife recently passed away.

Julie Muircroft, who was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s Disease in 2009, peacefully passed away at Wishaw General Hospital in the arms of her husband, Matt, and son, Bobby, in December.

In May 2012, following Julie’s diagnosis, the couple moved from their home of 30-years in Berkshire to their native Motherwell to be near family.

Matt was advised by partnership agencies, working together under the Reshaping Care for Older People initiative, that big changes in surroundings can cause anxiety in people affected by dementia.

So the former painter and decorator for the Royal family used his craft to replicate the decor of his former home to the finest detail.

The story of abiding love and support made headlines across the UK and even captured hearts a far as China, Russia, Spain and Australia.

Matt now aims to shift his focus to helping others in memory of his wife.

He said: “Words can’t express how heartbroken I feel at the moment. I’m lost without Julie.

“That said, I know she’d give me a kick in the backside if she thought I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself!

“Although Julie’s no longer with us, staff from the many organisations who supported us are still in touch with me.

“I’ll be working with them closely to offer support to anyone else who’s in a caring role, giving any advice and insight I can from my own experience

“Doing what I can to help others now, especially men in a caring role, will be the biggest tribute I could pay to my wife.”