Mark keen to expand work of the Corps

Lieutenant Mark Spalding already feels at home in Motherwell.
Lieutenant Mark Spalding already feels at home in Motherwell.

Mark Spalding has swapped helping the Chancellor of the Exchequer with his budget for a more spiritually fulfilling vocation.

Mark has been appointed as the new Corps Officer at Motherwell Salvation Army after Ian Emery was sent to Blackburn.

He sees his former life at the treasury as being very similar to his current job, both being about service.

He said: “I was policy officer and analyst for three years at the treasury and before that I was an archaeologist so I’ve done quite a few things.

“I wasn’t a Christian as a teenager. I knew nothing about the church nor had any interest in finding out.

“My parents started going to the Salvation Army down in Chatham, Kent, and it had a huge impact on me, seeing the change in my parents.

“My dad was a policeman and his whole life radically changed and the same thing has happened to me over the last 10 years.

“From archaeology to working at the treasury,, where I co-ordinated the budget, to being a Salvation Army officer has been a long road, but God guiding me is all I can put it down to.

“It was certainly a privilege to be involved in the political world for a time and have the impact of affecting so many people.

“I always saw that as a role of service and this is the same, but different , as I’m now serving people but in a more active and direct way.”

Prior to arriving in Motherwell Mark spent two years as a Salvation Army officer in Campbeltown

He said: “This is my second appointment and people are people so there is always going to be some things that are the same.

“Campbeltown was amazing in that you could have such an impact on the community, but it was very isolated, so that brought its own problems.

“My wife and I have a very young baby so as a family the move to Motherwell has been a really good one, just being a little more accessible to everything we need.

“Motherwell is actually a lot like Chatham so I’m delighted to be here. I’ve enjoyed everything so far although it will take me a little while to find my feet.”

Mark is also overseeing some work on the hall as he looks to open it up to use by the wider community.

He said: “This isn’t like Bellshill, we’re not rebuilding the place, we’re just doing a little bit of work to make the hall a more pleasant place for people to come.

“At the moment a lot of what we do is on a Sunday, but we are looking to do a lot more for the community during the week.

“While I’m here, for however long that may be, that will be a priority, finding out what the community need and supporting them with it”.