Marion wins Motherwell & Wishaw for SNP

Marion Fellows
Marion Fellows

Marion Fellows is Motherwell’s first SNP MP since 1945 defeating Labour’s Frank Roy by nearly 12,000 votes to win the Motherwell & Wishaw constituency.

Mrs Fellows took 27,265 votes ahead of Mr Roy with 15,377.

The other candidates Meghan Gallacher (Conservative), Neil Wilson (UKIP) and Ross Laird (Lib Dem) polled 3,695, 1,289 and 601 respectively.

Mrs Fellows said: “I just can’t believe, going round the polling stations today there was a sense of change, but I thought we might scrape in, I never expected anything like this.

“I have the confidence of the people of Motherwell and Wishaw and now I have to work even harder to retain that confidence.”