Marianne helps build centre in Bangladesh

marianne Keating - Bangladesh Photos
marianne Keating - Bangladesh Photos

A MOSSEND woman is spearheading a project to build a community centre for poverty-stricken residents in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Marianne Keating flew out to spend the next four months in Bangladesh helping to complete the project she herself instigated as part of her university studies.

The former Holy Family Primary and Cardinal Newman High pupil first became involved with Bangladesh - where 75 per cent of people live below the poverty line - during her studies in architecture at University of Strathclyde where she graduated with a Masters in Advanced Architectural Design with distinction.

The work she did inspired Marianne to study Bangladesh and its problems in her final year at University and she spent the first half of her thesis year developing a theoretical solution to the problems of overcrowding, flooding, illiteracy and lack of resources.

But in the second half she decided to develop a live project in conjunction with SAFE to build 10 demonstration houses and a community centre within a slum in the north west of the country.

She said: “This community centre aims to meet all the needs of this community. It will include a school room for the children and I have arranged for a local medical non-governmental organisation to hold one of their clinics in the centre once a week.”

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