Margaret is charity champion

A BOTHWELL woman has joined the fight against meningitis by becoming a Champion for the Meningitis Trust charity.

The important role, which is part of the charity’s Meningitis Changes Futures campaign, will involve the Central Scotland list MSP Margaret Mitchell keeping meningitis high on the political agenda, whilst helping to educate others on the dangers of the disease and supporting victims and their families.

The campaign, which aims to highlight the true impact of meningitis and create positive change for victims and their loved ones, was launched last year after research by the charity found that more than a third of bacterial meningitis victims are left with after-effects, a number that was previously thought to be much lower.

The trust is asking MSPs to become Meningitis Champions on behalf of the 1,700 children who contract the disease each year, helping to create positive change for them and ensuring they are able to reach their full potential.

Margaret said: “Meningitis is a devastating disease which can dramatically change people’s lives.

“I was therefore very happy to give my backing to the Meningitis Trust’s Meningitis Changes Futures campaign.

“I know of many cases locally over the years but I was shocked to learn that around 500,000 people living in the UK have had meningitis and more than a third of children who survive the disease are left with after-effects.

“This is a disease which needs to be kept to the forefront of both the general public’s and politicians’ minds and I am looking forward to my role as a Meningitis Champion.”

Sue Davie, Chief Executive of the Meningitis Trust, added: “We know that it’s only together that we can make a difference and ensure our ambitious plans come to life, so our new army of Meningitis Champions have a key part to play.

“The Meningitis Trust helps to rebuild thousands of lives by providing free support for life through its tailored services and community support. Every year 20,000 people benefit from its commitment to fighting back against meningitis.”