Making a Difference - Kate Willison is very special individual

We are celebrating Local Newspaper Week as the newspaper industry highlights the importance of the local press within the communities we serve.

For the past 20 years Kate has run the St Columba’s Boys’ Club clubhouse in Laburnum Road, Viewpark - despite numerous threats to its future.

Her fundraising activities - such as a monthly bingo night for disabled and elderly members of the community - have raised thousands of pounds for the club, as well as maintaining a sense of community spirit.

Kate often goes out of pocket to make ends meet and campaigns tirelessly to keep the clubhouse open when all hope seems lost.

Yet typically of the local heroes who prove such a bedrock of their communities, Kate is genuinely modest about the incredible work she does.

She said: “The clubhouse was built to help fund the football teams. It costs a fortune to run a football team, hire pitches and so on, so I keep it going for the boys by holding prize bingo nights, race nights - anything like that just to bring in some money to pay the utility bills.

“I actually don’t think I do that much - it’s not until everyone else points out what I do.”

Her efforts achieved deserved recognition recently when she was given a Centre Stage award from Clydesdale Bank for her inspirational community work in Uddingston.

That earned her a well deserved treat in the form of two ‘best seat in the house’ tickets for superstar Justin Timberlake’s concert at the Hydro in Glasgow, plus overnight accommodation and a pre-show dinner.

Helen Page, Customer Experience and Marketing Director, at Clydesdale Bank, said: “We’re always really touched by the stories of those people who have been nominated for Centre Stage - it takes a very special type of person to dedicate their time and effort to helping others and making a real difference in their local community.

“Kate Willison stood out for us from the start. Her 20 plus years of dedication, enthusiasm and fundraising to keep the Columba’s Boys Club open and available to all members of her local community showed us that Kate is a very special individual.”