Loyalty card scheme gets upgraded

Libraries across North Lanarkshire take part in the scheme
Libraries across North Lanarkshire take part in the scheme

CultureNL libraries have announced an extension to the loyalty card scheme.

Customers who now join the scheme will have DVDs and console games included in the range of benefits on offer.

Existing customers with pre-stamped loyalty cards will have them transferred to the new system, so they can benefit from the new arrangements immediately.

South-area lending services manager Catriona Wales said: “Our loyalty card scheme has proved popular over the years, but we needed to up-rate it to reflect customers’ wishes.

“Now they can collect stamps on their card every time they borrow Premier category DVDs or console games. Once they have eight stamps, they get their next hire free.

“At only £2 for seven night loans on all Premier DVD and console games titles it’s a great value service.

“We have also introduced a new lower-priced selection of console games, giving greater choice across the range.

“Some are even free-of-charge, making the service accessible to all pockets.”