“Lost” village of Cadzow remains lost

Are these the remains of Cadzow, Netherton or somewhere else?
Are these the remains of Cadzow, Netherton or somewhere else?

Transport Scotland’s claim that buildings found next to the M74 are that of the village of Cadzow has been challenged by a historian.

Four medieval structures and a range of artefacts were found near the M74 during an archaeological dig.

It is believed that the remains belonged to the “lost” village of Cadzow.

The claim has since been challenged by Ed Archer of the Lanark and District Archaeological Society who believes the discovery is remnants of Netherton.

Netherton is known to be have been inhabited until the 17th century, while Cadzow dates back much further and is likely to have been situated where Chatelherault Park is today, in the area known as the High Parks.

Cadzow is mentioned in the legend of the fish and the ring, which took place on the banks of the River Avon are 590AD, however, the findings near the M74 are a long way from the Avon.

This would mean that the remains of Cadzow have yet to be found.

Ed said: “Cadzow is generally thought to be the area up in the High Parks and it was one of the palaces of the kings of Strathclyde.

“Netherton appears in the 12th century around a motte, medieval earth castle. It was in a thickly wooded area between the mausoleum and the M74 service station.

“The cross was over from this point nearer to the Clyde.

“The village of Netherton, as the excavations have shown, survived into the 17th century.

“It was the creation of the replacement of Hamilton Palace in 1695 that led to the eventual demise of Netherton and so it has remained in obscurity until 2016.”

However, archaeologists behind the find are supporting their assertions.

Warren Bailie, project manager at Guard Archaeology, said: “Information relating to this dig which took place on the M74 verge and other local archaeological and historical sites, is based on the very best available evidence, including Historic Environment Scotland sources, which state that the area investigated has long been considered to be the old town of Cadzow.”