Loch re-opens for some after scare

THE loch at Strathclyde Park has partially reopened.

It was closed after more than 50 participants in a swimming competition on June 23 fell ill.

Seventy people from all over Scotland took part. Of those, 57 suffered from gastroenteritis and five from norovirus.

A NHS Lanarkshire spokesperson said: “Fifty-seven participants become unwell with gastroenteritis and reported symptoms of abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Norovirus was identified from samples from five participants.

“All participants were contacted and given health advice and information about how to prevent further spread of infection. No one who became ill is known to have required admission to hospital.”

An investigation into the cause is ongoing, but it is thought it could be due to heavy rainfall.

The loch is now open to bumper boats, speed boats, spheres and small rowing boats, but is still not available for ‘immersion sports’.

A meeting with representatives from organisations including NHS Lanarkshire and North Lanarkshire Council is scheduled for Friday.