Link is broken for Forgewood homes

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HOUSING factors Link Group have removed their services from dozens of block of flats in the Forgewood area after landlords ran up debts going into six figures.

Link agreed to provide factoring services around the area known as Woodville Rise in 2007, servicing 65 blocks.

However, the Times understands that non-payment of fees totalling around £160,000 meant the company were unwilling to continue operating at 31 of the blocks.

A Link spokesman said: “We and North Lanarkshire Council have worked together to improve the area and the environment.

“Whilst this has had a major impact and has been a considerable success, because of the high level of factoring arrears in many of the blocks we have had to withdraw the service as it proved completely uneconomic.”

Motherwell West councillor Michael Ross is disappointed that ‘absentee and unco-operative’ landlords could damage the environment of the area.

He said: “If certain landlords aren’t willing to pay for their factoring services then from a financial point of view I can understand why Link wish to walk away.

“It is a real shame because a lot of good work has been done and it is the people who have been paying who will suffer. No doubt the council will have to pick up the tab.

Full story in August 11 edition of Motherwell Times