Let 2013 be the year you quit

Stop Smoking nurse specialist Anne Roadnight says most people find it easier to quit with support than on their own.
Stop Smoking nurse specialist Anne Roadnight says most people find it easier to quit with support than on their own.

PEOPLE in Lanarkshire are being urged to make a fresh start to 2013 with the help of NHS Lanarkshire’s Stop Smoking Service.

There’s never been a better time to succeed with a range of specialist support available to help people stick to their New Year’s resolution to quit.

The Scottish Government recently launched a new campaign to help people say goodbye to smoking forever, including highlighting the financial burden of the average 20-a-day habit.

An ‘alternative’ shopping list supplied by Asda shows that the £50-a-week spent on cigarettes could feed a family of four.

The good news is that NHS Lanarkshire’s Stop Smoking Service is available to help you kick the habit.

It understands that smoking is an addiction and giving up isn’t always easy, but specialist advice and support can make it that bit easier.

This support is provided by stop smoking groups in the community, one-to-one support if you are unable attend a group, and stop smoking assistance for patients and staff in Monklands, Hairmyres or Wishaw General Hospital.

Stop smoking nurse specialist Anne Roadnight said: “Our service offers the very best specialist advice and support to anyone wanting to stop. We can help them every step of their journey to become nicotine free.

“As we provide a specialist nurse-led service, we are able to administer Nicotine Replacement Placement therapy free of charge at the groups, those wishing to quit can choose from a range of products such as patches, gum, lozenges, nasal spray, mouth spray or inhalator.

“Our service can also provide Varenicline, also known as Champix, which is proving very popular and successful within Lanarkshire.

“It’s been shown that people who use a combination of stop smoking groups and nicotine replacement therapy are four times more likely to succeed as those who try to stop smoking on their own.

“Many people find that the group acts as a great support network with everyone encouraging each other.

“You do not need to make an appointment to attend any of the groups just come along to the group of your choice, or if you would prefer to discuss arranging one-to-one support please call or text the numbers provided.”

For information and advice about stopping smoking, people can contact the NHS Lanarkshire Stop Smoking Service Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 08452 177 707 or text ’Advice’ to 81066.

Information is also available at: www.nhslanarkshire.org.uk/Services/StopSmoking.