Leave my horse to recover in peace

Tracy Cook believes workmen disturbed Alaska, causing her to aggravate a leg injury
Tracy Cook believes workmen disturbed Alaska, causing her to aggravate a leg injury

The owner of an injured horse is begging the landlord preparing to close down its stable to have a heart.

Tracy Cook believes the condition of five-year-old thoroughbred Alaska has worsened after workers demolished an adjoining building at Carnbroe Mains Farm, Bellshill.

She is now worried about having to move the broken leg victim to a new home while the horse is supposed to be resting.

Ms Cook, of Bellshill, and the owner of another horse kept at the farm are now considering legal action against the landowner, Clearwater 2010 Limited.

They got a letter in August saying they would have to move out by mid-November because of redevelopment at the farm.

Ms Cook said: “We have kept horses here for 15 years and they’re popular with people in the Clay Crescent area who come here with their children.

“We have no gripe with the owner moving us out, but we were angry when workers arrived early in the morning when it was still dark to demolish the shed that backed on to the stables.”

Ms Cook said the bright lights and noise must have startled Alaska, causing her to run about her pen and aggravate the injury.

The worried owner said: “Alaska had broken a bone in her leg and the vet ordered nine to 12 weeks rest.

“In fact, the vet suggested at one point she might be better being put to sleep.

“However, her condition was improving until this ridiculous situation where the workers arrived and disturbed her.

“There was no need for it, given we are moving out so soon.

“The horse’s leg is swollen again and she’s back on painkillers. It’s definitely set her back and it’s more medical bills for me.”

The horse owners have spoken to a lawyer about suing Clearwater, claiming they spent money improving the facility with no idea they would soon be ordered out.

Ms Cook said: “The rent we paid was reasonable, but that was because we built the stables ourselves and maintained them.

“Two years ago we paid £400 for fencing on our two fields. We asked the owner beforehand if there were any plans for the land and were told it was okay to go ahead.”

The horse owners are moving to stables near Airdrie.

Attempts were made to contact Clearwater for comment, but our calls were not returned.