Lawyers under fire for switching sides

Provost Curley with Scullion
Provost Curley with Scullion
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ANGRY solicitors have accused a law firm of ‘cheapening’ the legal profession after representatives dressed in Motherwell football tops handed out flyers in the street.

One woman was said to be horrified when she accepted what she thought was a football-related leaflet only to find it was suggesting she might be in need of a criminal defence agent.

The tactics employed by Nicholas J Scullion and Company were like those used by a fast food takeaway to boost business, it was claimed.

The Hamilton-based company, which claims in its literature to be Lanarkshire’s leading law firm, is advertising the opening of a new office in Motherwell.

Other solicitors working in the area were astounded to see members of staff, including managing partner Nicholas Scullion jnr, sporting Motherwell tops in the town centre - particularly as the Scullion firm is a long-standing backer of Hamilton Accies.

Although no solicitors were willing to be named, several we spoke to claimed there is widespread anger at the conduct of Scullion and Company.

One said: “This latest stunt with Motherwell tops and flyers is an example of them cheapening and demeaning the profession. It can fairly be described as shameless - that is the general feeling of the Hamilton and District solicitors.”

Another solicitor said: “Their methods are certainly unconventional. Handing out flyers in the town centre smacks of someone trying to promote a Chinese restaurant, not a law firm.

No one from Scullion and Company was available for comment, but a recent post on its Facebook page says the company is a committed backer of Hamilton Accies.

However, the firm also stresses there are supporters of various football teams in its ranks and it’s happy to back Motherwell.