Kyle is thrilled to finally be in work

Kyle Leiper (seated) shows Frank Roy MP (back right) what Fluidic do flanked by company director David Cairney.
Kyle Leiper (seated) shows Frank Roy MP (back right) what Fluidic do flanked by company director David Cairney.

Another young person has found himself a job thanks to Motherwell and Wishaw MP Frank Roy’s Our Community programme.

Following in the footsteps of Daniel Mullen at Newtown Waste Solutions, Kyle Leiper has been taken on full time at Fluidic in Motherwell which makes instruments for the nuclear industry.

The 21-year-old from Carfin was unemployed for over a year after completing a social sciences qualification at Motherwell College and is thrilled to finally be working.

Kyle said: “With the situation the way it is just now I was prepared to do anything just to get a job.

“It’s been good , I’m doing something different every day, with it being a wee office I’m getting a wee shot of everything which I quite like as I’m not sitting doing the same thing again and again.

“I would recommend Our Community for anyone, as even if they don’t get a job out of it you get a reference, taught how to build a CV and learn interview techniques.

“No one teaches you that stuff normally, so it really does set you up”.

Fluidic director David Carney admits he was apprehensive about signing up for Our Community, but is glad he did.

He said: “I thought it was a good idea, I admired the logic and philosophy behind it, but was doubtful it would work.

“After the launch I signed up for it, and I admit I was still a little bit unsure of how successful it would be.

“Jobcentre Plus did a great job and sent us a couple of outstanding candidates and we selected Kyle after four week.

“He was very approachable, very flexible and worked hard, did everything we asked of him so at the end of that period offered him a job.

“All my doubts were unfounded, I see ‘Shellsuit Bobs’ around Motherwell town centre and you think they don’t want to work, but I was wrong, they just need a wee opportunity.”

Frank Roy added: “I’m indebted to companies like Fluidic who opened their doors to give a young man an opportunity and it has worked out absolutely perfect.”