Knife rowdy threatened to murder cops in hospital

Kevin Muirhead threatened to kill police officers in front of other patients at Wishaw General Hospital.
Kevin Muirhead threatened to kill police officers in front of other patients at Wishaw General Hospital.

A rowdy who threatened police officers with a knife has been jailed for two and a half years.

Officers used a spray to subdue Kevin Muirhead who made further threats in a hospital casualty unit in front of distressed fellow patients.

Muirhead (29) admitted a string of charges at Hamilton Sheriff Court. These involved threatening behaviour, vandalism, resisting arrest and police assault.

The court heard police were called to the flat in Netherton’s Cala Sona Court where Muirhead was staying with his dad, Thomas (58).

His brother Sean arrived with some friends and Muirhead, who had been drinking heavily, became abusive towards him.

Muirhead then threatened to “stab every one of you” and his dad, who is disabled, was so scared he phoned the police. During the fracas Muirhead kicked holes in walls. One of his brother’s pals also called the police.

Imran Bashir, prosecuting, said six police officers arrived and heard people “screaming for help”. They forced their way into the house and when Muirhead saw them he confronted them with a knife held above his head.

Mr Bashir said officers ordered Muirhead to drop the knife, but he wouldn’t and they felt they had no option but to use an “incapacitating spray”.

He was restrained but not without a struggle and taken to Wishaw General for checks on the effects of the spray.

Mr Bashir added: “He was told he would have to wait in a queue, but he became abusive again, telling police officers he would murder them all. Officers could see his behaviour was causing other patients discomfort and alarm.”

Muirhead kicked one officer and tried to punch another before he was subdued once more.

Defence agent Vincent McGovern said his client, who admitted previous convictions, has problems with alcohol and valium abuse, but is the prime carer for his father.

Mr McGovern said he couldn’t criticise the police for using spray on Muirhead, but he had suffered “significant” burns to his head and body as a result.

The lawyer added: “He was in severe pain at the hospital.”

Jailing Muirhead, Sheriff Marie Smart said: “Your behaviour at home was bad enough, but what is utterly appalling is how you acted towards police officers who were just carrying out their duty, going to protect those who called for help because they were terrified.”