Keeping people safe this Christmas

WITH Christmas just around the corner, Strathclyde Police is warning the public to take extra care and responsibility for their own safety at this busy time of year.

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that people tend to be out and about more, shopping for presents and spending more money than usual – and that’s before you get to the partying and socialising part.

There are so many things to fit into already busy schedules, so it’s easy for personal safety and security to slip to the back of people’s minds. With that being the case, the festive period can be a time when thieves and criminals have more opportunities to target even more unsuspecting individuals.

Community safety officer Alan Mulholland said: “Here at Strathclyde Police, our job is to keep you safe during the festive period – which is why we’ve once again launched our Christmas Safety campaign.

“Of course we want everyone to enjoy the festivities and make the most of their holidays, but we’d also like to reinforce the message that people must take responsibility for their own safety too. “

For advice on how you can keep safe while enjoying the festive fun, please visit here or contact your local police office and speak to your local community policing team.

You can also follow the Christmas Safety campaign on Facebook or keep up to date with on Twitter.